On the platform, you can download several features into a excel spreadsheet for you to filter, review and edit as you please.

This can be done using any device that supports Microsoft Excel.

We have noticed that some of our users have encountered an error where that when clicking one of the export options, they receive no report or the functions within the report are not working successfully.

Our technical team have investigated this, and concluded that the users effected by this, are using a MAC device.

Specifically, a MAC device with old Microsoft software.

Originally, you would purchase Microsoft as a package, meaning that you would have different versions as the years went on. If you have not since moved on to a subscription or kept up to date with the yearly updates, it could be that you are using outdated Microsoft 2007/2010.

These versions are not compatible with the exports we provide, simply because Microsoft 2007 is now retired. In the words of Microsoft.


We recommend that you update the version of Microsoft you are using to be able to download the exports satisfactorily and use it to how you expect.

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