We have around 1,000 data/information sources that we use within Nimbus® Maps. Some of the data comes from direct 'feeds' (or APIs) from the partner/supplier. We are very much dependent on our suppliers and partners keeping their feeds as fresh and accurate as possible. Others our Data Science and Development Teams source, optimise and then add into Nimbus®' data stream. 

Our teams are fastidious at maintaining the quality and frequency of our data to ensure Nimbus® is as up-to-data and as highly accurate as possible. Many of our data sources are refreshed through the night, with those who need less frequent at 14-day intervals. 

However, with well over 250 billion lines of code, getting them to all 'line up' is sometimes a tricky task. We installed Live Chat partly to help speed up the reporting and communication process with our customers, but also feedback news and training.

If you do find an error, something not working or are struggling to get what you need, you can contact the Tech. team here on Live Chat or email them at: support@nimbusproperty.co.uk or the Customer Success Team at: success@nimbusproperty.co.uk

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