Nimbus® Maps Essentials is free because the majority of the aggregated data use and continually update to create it, largely comes from free government and GOV.UK sources. 

Over the last few years, the Government has released huge amounts of information (Land Registry, Companies House, VOA Office information etc.) to the industry to support growth. Here at Nimbus® Maps, we’ve aggregated all that free data - added in more - and created a great new platform. 

We believe though that if we get it for free then we should give it to you for free too – it’s only fair – hence Nimbus® Maps Essentials is free for life.

So how do we make money? Nimbus® Maps Elite...

We have a second level of access to the information, Nimbus® Maps Elite. This is a paid-for service and offer a far greater depth of information and wider functionality. 

Site Finding Service

In addition, we also have a bespoke Site Finding service; where Essentials and Elite are a 'DIY access', as we have complete control over the 'data ocean' Nimbus® sits on, we can filter and export that data to a spec for customers to an industrial scale.

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