If you are a homeowner simply looking to find details (site boundary, find a freeholder, find a leaseholder, etc) about your own house or a family's or friend's, we do not offer a site finding service I am afraid. Neither can we give you advice about your property. But we can show you how to buy the Title or Title Register document through us:

1. In the location Search panel, type the address you are searching for. The Building Search is more accurate and pinpoints a site based on house . number and the postcode.

2. Then click on the site you are interested in (red freehold outline or green leasehold 'pin') to open the Information Panel and get access to the downloads buttons.

3. Once you have clicked on the relevant button, the document is sent to your Basket to allow you to makes some notes and make payment with a card.

4. Once payment has been made, your documents will appear in your Managed Account section, accessed via the four horizontal lines top right.

5. Click on Manage Account and a new dialogue box will appear. Go to Documents and you can view and re-download your documents. If they are 'NOT AVAILABLE' it means the Land Registry do not have it or are currently updating the document. You will not be charged for unavailable documents.

With more in-depth or technical queries please contact the Land Registry . The Land Registry's telephone helpline is: 0300 006 0411 or go to: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/contact-hm-land-registry

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