Yes, you can draw your own outlines on the map views, for example if you want to find a site area. This works for both Essentials and Elite access.

1. When you have fond the area you want to explore, say a collection of fields that could be a development opportunity. In the top-right of the screen, just under the four lines (called ‘The Burger’) in the magenta bar, click on the grey irregular shape: 

2. Your Cursor will turn from a hand to a cross. Left click at points on the map to freehand draw your 'polygon' – dots will be created to show your plotting. 

3. Once you have ‘joined the dots’ the Information Panel opens with details of your freehand polygon. Click 'Remove my polygons' to draw another.

To save this, make a screengrab (Mac) or Screen Snip (PC) and save this to your desktop/client file. 

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