When you have clicked on the site you are searching, in the Information Panel you will see a button for Title Plan and one for Registers & Leases. 

A single click sends the documents to your Basket, viewed in the top right corner.

Once bought, the document is emailed to you directly, whilst also being added to your Documents tab in your Account Management section. When the document status is 'Available' you will be able to download it. In a small number of cases we are unable to obtain an electronic copy from the Land Registry. 

If the status shows as 'Posted' that means only a paper copy is available and it will be posted to the address we hold for you. 

If the status shows as 'Not Available' then we are not able to retrieve any document (paper or electronic) and you will not be charged for this purchase.

You can add multiple Titles/Registers to your basket before purchasing via the Checkout. Office copies cost the same as from the Land Registry (£3) for our Elite users. There is no VAT.

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