There are a few ways to find the title you are looking for in Nimbus Maps. 

The easiest way is to use our Smart Search bar to search for a Title Number, postcode, or address using any phrase you'd type into Google Maps.

As you are scrolling around the map you will notice the red title outlines do not follow you, this is to help us reduce our licensing costs and offer Nimbus as the cheapest price. To display the polygons located around the centre point of your current map view, just click the 'Search Here' button to the right of the Smart Search bar. By default this displays titles in a 250m radius, our Elite customers can expand this to up to a 1km radius.

Finally, you can search by company name (Elite only) and see the complete corporate structure:

This allows you to find the entire corporate structure and select which companies you are interested in before displaying all titles held by those companies on the map.

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